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About Us

At we are focused on delivering high-quality services in the Information Technology area. We started operations in 2018, and our main activities are Software Development (with a focus on robustness, scalability and quality) and Quality Assurance (with a focus on automation).

Our Vision

Enable companies to leverage the tech ecosystem to drive their transformation and growth at each stage of their development, from startups to established companies.

Our Mission

Deliver high-quality services and products to our clients, with transparency, drive and a high focus on business value.

Our Plan

Accelerate and contribute to the success of our clients, to grow together, resorting to our high-quality Software Development and Quality Assurance services.

Our Team

We are currently five here at, we are a small team and we like it like that, for sure we will grow, but our goal is not to be the biggest, our goal is to be among the best - our focus is on client satisfaction and on developing and delivering software in a consistent and “hassle-free” manner.

We're based in Leiria, Portugal, and our office is in the business incubator IDDNET. Leiria is in the Centre Region of Portugal, 1h15 from Lisbon and 1h30 from Oporto. We are on GMT time - Same as the UK/Ireland, 1h less than France/Spain/Germany.

As we are still going through the COVID 19 pandemic, our video-call room is full and our office is empty:


António Pestana, Master in Informatics Engineering by the University of Coimbra, specializes in the analysis, management and implementation of software development projects.

Daily, he works towards achieving the company's vision of being a reference in Software Development and Quality Assurance, and being recognized by customers as the best choice as a partner and by employees as the best choice as an employer.

He has 16 years of experience in Software Development, from programmer to team leader. His most relevant previous professional experiences took place at Critical Software in Coimbra and at La Redoute in Leiria, where he was exposed and made relevant contributions in projects with high complexity - functional, technical and management - and with requirements for high availability, robustness, scalability and quality.

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