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Asteroid Field

António Pestana, 2020-12-23

Source code: Asteroid Field

Are you up for the challenge below?

Here at, the conversion of professionals of non-IT areas to IT is a subject that interests us - there is a shortage of IT professionals and non-traditional training paths could be part of the solution. In 2019 we held an Introductory Programming Course for people with no programming background to get a feel on how far we could take them on a certain amount of time. This is one of the applications developed during the course to showcase basic programming concepts: A console-based Asteroid Field game!

The challenge: Port the game to another platform (web, Android, iOS, your pick), keeping (or not, you choose) the console-based look, then share it!

#developer #geek (You are a real, true, big geek when your idea of fun is implementing the game, not playing it. :) #iamageekandiloveit)

POC Face Detection and Extraction

António Pestana, 2020-11-09

Source code: POC Face Detection and Extraction

Dlib, the popular C++ machine learning toolkit, makes it really, really, really easy to identify and extract faces in photos. This is a POC we did in .NET Core WinForms using DlibDotNet, a .NET Core wrapper to Dlib. In a project for one of our clients, we have the need to generate properly cut ID photos from loosely taken photos.

Cerberus Testing saves the day - again

António Pestana, 2020-11-06

This just happened today, here at, in a development for one of our clients - I thought I’d share it with you. It’s not the first time we take real, concrete and very visible benefit from automatic non-regression testing, and for sure won’t be the last. I also take satisfaction seeing that the quality measures we put into practice make a difference.

- The programmer said that the development was ready.

- Cerberus Testing, which we use for non-regression testing, said:

- The programmer had done his manual testing with an admin user, and with that user, everything worked fine. Also, the unit tests were successful. The non-regression tests that we have on Cerberus Testing use a non-admin user, which is the common case, and exercise the most critical/common functionalities.

- The programmer analysed the test results, corrected the code, and then said that the development was ready.

- Cerberus Testing said:

- Now it's ready, now it's a GO!

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