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All companies have processes, be it more or less formal, more or less tuned. The process itself is important - is the process defined in a way that minimizes the cost and maximizes the benefit? Equally important is the tool that supports the process, since that has a direct impact on cost and benefit. The right tool is not always the same, it depends on the specific process.

Often the processes come to existence spontaneously and ad hoc, being supported by a variety of tools that are "at hand" at the time: A paper form, an Excel file, an email exchange, a shared folder on Dropbox. The right tool is not always the same, but it often proves to be an Information System built and configured to support the process.

We are experts in the development of information systems. Check out the benefits below.

Action by the Right Person, at the Right Time

Keep the processes going, using workflows with notifications/reminders.

Global View

Get, at any time, a global view of the processes, through dashboards with the relevant KPIs.

Ease and Availability

Be able to search, access/modify, share and carry out analysis easily, through a web interface accessible on any device.


Be able to track a process, by keeping a record of the operations performed by each user.


When required, restrict access to sensitive data by controlling who can access/modify it.


Protect the data that supports your business - digital data is easily backed up.

How to Move Forward?

Free and No Commitment!

We Analyze

Together, we identify the processes to support and the approach to follow.

Free and No Commitment!

We Propose

We propose a solution tailored to your needs - no more, no less.

Solutions Starting at 2.800€

We Build

We build the solution in an iterative way so that you can take advantage of it as soon as possible.

You Reap the Benefits

Benefit from lower operating costs, greater speed and greater visibility.

Showcase - PombalPés Clinic

PombalPés Clinic felt the need to digitize patient, medical appointment and treatment records that were previously supported by paper forms. The transition to digital processes was motivated by its advantages, namely, its ease of access and search, confidentiality and security. The digital support also made it easier to have more complete and detailed records. As an example, for treatment records, it allows to take and save photos from the application itself using a tablet, facilitating the tracking and observation of their evolution.

The platform consists of two main components: the backend, implemented in PHP - Laravel, which exposes REST services and uses a MySQL database, and the web frontend, implemented in Vue.js. The choice of these technologies was motivated by its ease of implementation and maintenance and the availability of skilled professionals in the market.

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