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Consistently delivering quality software is not an easy endeavour - doing it successfully involves a combined team effort and discipline throughout the software development life cycle. The most visible component of software quality assurance is validation - checking whether the software runs without errors, meeting users and other stakeholders needs, in its operational environment.

Validation is a repetitive task - it needs to be done throughout the development and in every delivery. Repetitive tasks benefit from automation - automation means less work, less errors, more speed and more quality.

We help teams automate both their quality assurance processes, as well as their delivery processes, to consistently deliver quality software without compromising iteration speed.

Together with the client we:

  • Define the quality assurance and delivery processes.
  • Determine the functional and non-functional requirements for the tools to support them.
  • Choose the tools and implement them.
  • Train and support the team.

Showcase - Lovys

Lovys, being an insurtech, leverages technology and fast iteration cycles to keep ahead. But how to iterate fast while at the same time maintaining quality? The answer: Automate!

Lovys reached out to us wanting to create a Quality Assurance Team with a focus on automation. We sourced the team members, trained them, and provided them with the tools and processes to hit the ground running.

After an analysis to the applications developed and maintained by Lovys (from APIs, through web apps, to Android and iOS apps) and having into account both the functional and non-functional requirements for test automation defined together with Lovys, Katalon was the test automation tool chosen - a POC followed, implementing tests in each of the application types developed and maintained by Lovys, with CI/CD integration, which validated the choice.

Both formal and on-the-job training was given to the team members. The formal training was heavily based on ISTQB Foundation Level syllabus, while the on-the-job training was focused on the practical usage of the automation tool and all that goes with it, such as test versioning, supporting various test environments, integration with CI/CD pipelines, etc.

On Azure DevOps, CI/CD pipelines that executed the Katalon tests were implemented. For example, for the Android and iOS apps, after the build, the CI/CD pipeline publishes the app to BrowserStack, then, using the Katalon Runtime Engine, it executes the automated tests on BrowserStack’s devices, then, all tests being successful, publishes the app to Microsoft’s App Center.

Cerberus Testing SaaS

Cerberus Testing is a web based, low-code, test automation tool that can be used to test desktop, web, API, Android and iOS applications. We provide it through a SaaS subscription model, in partnership with the Cerberus Testing Core Community. For more information, visit the Cerberus Testing SaaS website.

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