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We develop software using proven processes, technologies and frameworks. We try to understand the client’s needs and expectations very well in order to deliver a system with which the client is satisfied and from which it derives real value.

We have a team of experienced programmers, projects are professionally managed using agile processes and adequate quality assurance is performed. The client is involved throughout the project and has regular visibility into the project's progress.

We currently have know-how and experience on the following technologies and frameworks:

  • .NET Core - ASP and WinForms, C#
  • PHP - Laravel
  • Vue.js, Nuxt.js
  • Android and iOS development
  • REST and SOAP services
  • SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB
  • Automated Quality Assurance with Cerberus Testing and Katalon
  • CI/CD on Bitbucket and Azure DevOps
  • Infrastructure on Azure and AWS

Showcase - is an online platform that supports and streamlines HACCP processes in the restaurant industry. It was developed from the ground up by us to be marketed in a SaaS model by our client. The focus was on creating a fast and easy to use platform on a wide range of devices.

The platform consists of three main components: the backend, implemented in ASP.NET Core, which exposes REST services and uses a SQL Server database, the web frontend, implemented in Vue.js, and a native Android mobile application that takes advantage of a view for the web frontend.

For non-regression testing, the backend uses unit and integration tests and the web frontend is tested through Cerberus Testing.

The platform is deployed in AWS infrastructure.

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